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The purpose of the study was to determine if school climate had an effect on teacher morale. and on students to the extent that their achievement test scores were affected. Thirty-six teachers responded to the Organizational Climate Description Questionnaire by Halpin and Croft. and sixty students were randomly se-lected from several classes of juniors and seniors. Thirty students had passed the Georgia Basic Skills Test. and thirty had not passed. Passing this test is a requirement for earning a high school diploma. It was noted that the school had a closed climate. Percentages were used to analyze teacher responses.

The Pearson - r was used to analyze the students. and the Basic Skills Test Scores and grade point averages were used as variables. Conclusions: The study found that teacher morale was affected by climate. No concrete conclusion could be reached in terms of the effect of climate on student achievement test scores. but there was a high correlation between the test scores- and the students' grade point averages.

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