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Atlanta University (AU)

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Public Administration

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Dr. Alex Danso


The primary intent of this paper is to examine personnel perceptions of the leadership style of the executive director of a medical center.

This study is significant because leadership is the cornerstone of every organization. Based on the responses given, it was found that employees perceived the executive director's leadership style as autocratic. Also, a majority of the respondents favored the director's leadership style, and felt it to be beneficial to the organization. They stated that the supervisory channels are clearly identified. Relative to job satisfaction, and the issue of whether or not enough time is allowed for the completion of assignments, a large percentage of the respondents indicated that they liked their jobs, even though there were some employees who said they did not have enoueh tirr,e to complete their work.

This study utilizes both primary and secondary data sources. The primary source consists of a seventeen-item questionnaire administered to fifty-two of the sixty-five staff members at the medical center. The secondary sources used were books, research journals, and a United States Health and Human Services Continuation Grant for Community Health Centers. Recommendations to improve the quality of work-life at the center are offered.