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Atlanta University (AU)


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Dr. Philip Bradley



The purpose of the study was to determine the perceptlons of teachers with respect to the instructional supervision process in selected middle schools. Speoifioally, the study was designed to examine whether a treatment on supervisory praotices would change teachers' perception of supervisory practioes as well as improve observea teaoher classroom praotices.

Methods and Procedures

Evaluative data were collected from three middle schools of the Atlanta Public School System. One set of data represented the peroeivea responses of a 51-item instrument, Systematio Instruotional Supervislon Survey, whioh oovered a range of instruotional supervisory behaviors as cited in effective sohools' researoh. The seoond set of data represen ted teaching practioes observed in the experimental sohool by using a Qua~lty Time-on-Task (QTOT) sohedule. Teaohers in the experimental school were subjected to a oompilation of treatment praotioea. The evaluation with recommendat~ons was based on review and analysis of these data.

Results Review and analysis of the evaluative data showed the following:

1. Teachers perceived that school growth was aI"fected by the principal's instructional supervisory practices and leadership style.

2. Effective school treatment practices will result in (a) increased positive perception of supervisory practices and (b) quality teacher classroom practices.

COnclusions and Recommendations

The research should be expanded, with the following recommenaations:

1. Sensitize a larger population of principals to the treatment practices used in this study.

2. Sensitize teachers to a system's approach to instructional improvement.

3. Provide opportunities for principals and teachers, in professional growth activities, to experience and implement the practices to be learned in the real work setting.

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