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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)

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Dr. Brenda Rogers


The term learning disabilities was first acknowledged twenty-five years ago. While several investigators and agencies concentrated on the definition of learning disabilities, the initial empirical research focused significant attention on the academic deficits created by such disabilities. However, as the definition of learning disabilities expanded to include other components inclusive of social skills deficits, researchers also have broadened the scope of their investigation. The present study utilized an observational technique to analyze the social competence levels of 10 adolescent males who received special services in a self-contained instructional environment. Results indicated that the participants under investigation manifested low levels of social competence on all four dependent variables which included: Teacher-preferred Social Behavior, Peer-preferred Social Behavior, School Adjustment, and Overall Social Competency Level. The present study added value to the learning disabilities literature by conducting both within and across group comparisons, by utilizing an extensive observational technique, and by factoring in the nature and type of disability experienced by the subjects.

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