Date of Award


Degree Type


University or Center

Atlanta University (AU)

Degree Name



Public Administration

First Advisor

Dr. R. A. Frempong

Second Advisor

Dr. G. Kugblenu


The major goal of this degree paper is to assess evaluate the effects of incorporating a computer based-word processing system in Field Support of the Internal Revenue Service. An attempt has been made to focus on the stated goals and objectives of this technological advancement.

The purpose of Field Support is to provide technical and clerical assistance to Revenue Officers in the Atlanta District. A centralized unit was agreed upon to serve the professional needs and assist the Revenue Officers in their collection of delinquent or unassessed taxes.

This study is significant because of the fact that automation involves serious controversy. Some view it as an attempt to modernize an organization's operations and effect cost-saving measures, while others view automation as an attempt to reduce staff and excerbated informal relationships within the organization.

A major finding of the study is that with the installation of the automated system into Field Support, there was increased quality of work, increased effectiveness in accomplishment of work, and increased efficiency.

The main sources of information were journals, books and reports which included Public Administration Review and unpublished surveys and statistics of Field Support.