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Atlanta University (AU)

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Public Administration

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Dr. George Kugblenu


The purpose of this paper is to provide an objective analysis of the establishment of a Bachelor of Science Nursing Program at Morris Brown College. This paper is intended to assist the College administrators in better evaluating and assessing problems which may occur in implementing future developmental programs.

It is important to do this study because nursing education seems to be an exciting match of educational opportunity and community need. Morris Brown College has elected to institute such a program as a result of data which reflect continuing disproportional black representation among currently licensed registered nurses. Also, current statistics show that 30 percent of practicing, black nurses graduated from associate degree programs compared to 11 percent of all non-minority nurses. The baccalaureate nursing program planned by- Morris Brown College will enable individuals to earn a Bachelor's Degree in nursing either at the entry level or as the next step in their nursing education.

In addition, Morris Brown College is located in the urban center of Atlanta, and the inner-city population nursing care needs are both urgent and underserved. The activities planned by the college in connection with nursing program will include inner-city clinical experiences. Accomplishment of this educational goal will prepare Blacks and others for meaningful participation in mainstream society as health care professionals.

The nursing program is important, also, from a financial point of view. It satisfies the requirements of the Secretary of Education and enabled the College to obtain an educational grant under Title III Special Needs Program, thereby providing the funds to pilot the project.

Primary data for this paper were obtained through participatory observation and interviews with personnel from the following divisions at Morris Brown College: Natural Sciences and Mathematics; Social Sciences; and from the office of the Vice President for Develomental Affairs. Primary data was also obtained through interviews with: Ms. Carolyn Hutcherson, Director of Georgia State Licensing Board; Dr. Stephen Wilson, Associate Dean of the College of Health Sciences, Georgia State University; Dr. Cecilia H. Cantrell, Chairman of the School of Nursing at Georgia, State University. Additional data were obtained from books, journals, magazines and correspondence.