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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Dr. Jerome H. Schiele


The research done for the following study revealed two gaps in the literature which were as follows: 1) crime prevention programs and individual counseling were not being observed simultaneously as interventions in the reduction of recidivism among juvenile offenders and 2) little attention had been given to the effects individual counseling had on the recidivism rate ofjuvenile offenders. Therefore, this study examined the effects of individual counseling and crime prevention programs on the recidivism rate ofjuvenile offenders. The unit of analysis consisted of 50 male juvenile offenders from Inner Harbour Hospital Outdoor Therapeutic Program in Rockmart, GA. The study was based on the premise that the interventions--individual counseling and crime prevention programs would significantly reduce recidivism ofjuvenile offenders. A One-Group Pre-test/Post-test design was used to determine the degree to which the interventions were effective. Content analysis of the case records of 50 male juvenile offenders was the method of data collection. The results of the data analysis suggested that there was no significant difference between pre- and post-test recidivism rates. Implications of this finding for social work practice and future research are discussed.

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