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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)

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Political Science

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Fatemeh Shafiei


This study examines the rise of the Islamic movement in Algeria, the failure of the democratization process and the bloody civil war. The writer was able to establish that both the military leaders and the Islamic fundamentalists are responsible for the turmoil and the bloodshed in Algeria.

This study is significant because with the rise of the Islamic movement in the Arab world, Algeria became the primary test case for the compatibility of Islam with democracy and the prospects for democracy in the Arab world. The study was done through the use of primary and secondary sources. The study examines Algeria's current crisis, its political, economic and social challenges. The study suggests that the feasible alternative to end the crisis exists only in Algeria and only the Algerian people have the key to their problem. The external involvement is not accepted by the Algerian people and will have a negative impact on the crisis.

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