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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


School of Arts and Sciences

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Political Science

First Advisor

Hashim Gibrill, Ph.D.

Second Advisor

Dr. Fragano Ledgister

Third Advisor

Dr. Abiodun Awomolo


This study presents an analysis of the dilemma of the Islamic world and the struggle between religion, secularism, and nationalism in Turkey and Sudan. In fulfilling this task, the following issues were selected: 1) Islam and secularism, 2) Turkey's secular experience, 3) Islam and secularism in Sudan, 4) Islam and nationalism, 5) Islam and nationalism in Turkey and the Kurdish problem, and 6) Islam and nationalism in Sudan and the southern problem. These issues tested the impact of religion and nationalism on Turkey's and Sudan's public life.

The study was done through the use of both primary and secondary sources. The study examined Turkey's and Sudan's problems of identity and national unity, the challenges to both countries, along with options available for addressing these problems. The findings reveal that the cause of Turkey's and Sudan's problems of identity and national unity are at their root internal, and that anti-Islamic Western policies were significant in exacerbating these problems. However, the researcher emphasizes the role of leadership in Turkey and Sudan in addressing the problems of their respective countries. The researcher is convinced that the future of these countries depends on the role of both political and intellectual leadership, in reconciling Islam with the realities and needs of Turkey and Sudan. The solution to the problems of identity and national unity of Turkey and Sudan can only be found inside these countries by the Turkish and Sudanese people.

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