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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Educational Leadership

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Dr. Moses Norman

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Dr. Sheila Gregory

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Dr. Darrell Groves


This dissertation proposed to examine the relationship between support services, poverty, stability, and the quality of education received from homeless children in a large metropolitan school district. Every night anywhere from 68,000 to over a million children go to sleep homeless in America. Of the total number of homeless people in the nation, families comprise almost one-third of this number and is the fastest growing segment of the homeless population. Additionally, this segment of homelessness is headed by women with at least two children below the age of six years. The homeless population in America, has grown exponentially; yet there are no shelters for women and children in this county. Various faith-based, non-profit organizations have come to the aid of homeless families; however, many are over 1 extended due to the large number of families who are without a shelter, food, and clothing. Nevertheless, the county's refusal to acknowledge the existence of this phenomenon has prompted a surge among numerous organizations to take action until the county government respond to the outcry of the homeless. This study reveals how the lack of support services, poverty, and stability contribute to whether or not a child receives a quality education. The literature reviews and results from interviews with ten homeless women and four representatives from the school district, local school, and a community organization provide more insight into the lives and daily struggle of children and their families who are destitute. The major themes that emerged were lack of support services, affordable housing, childcare expenses, a need for case workers, and a need for shelters or assessment centers. The conclusion is that there is a strong correlation between factors associated with educating homeless children and the receipt of a quality education. Children can not focus on receiving a quality education if they are hungry, unkempt, and tired.

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