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Atlanta University (AU)

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Criminal Justice Administration

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J. D. Smith


The primary intent of this thesis is to show that Black people are systematically destroying each other and their communities. It shows how this is manifested through violent crimes. Further, it demonstrates that some of Atlanta's Black people and communities are undeniably caught in the forces of destruction and violence.

This thesis is significant because it is regarding Atlanta's Black on Black violent crimes. It is significant because something has to be done in response to Atlanta's rapidly rising rate of violent crimes among Blacks. It is significant because the issue of intra-racial ra,cism has to be treated and brought under control. Intra-racial racism is no 10nlSer an issue that can be denied or pushed a,side. It is significant because the so ca,lled authorities have not been able to come up with a concrete set of reasons to explain Black on Black violent crimes. Educators, economists, law enforcement officials, sociologists, psychiatrist and psychologists all offer different causations of Black on Black violent crimes.

This thesis is limited because of the small amount of information available. It is further limited because it focuses on one large city: Atlanta. It is limited because of the lack of in-depth studies done by dedicated Black professionals. Black professionals who are "Black" beyond the level of physiological characteristics. Black professionals who feel good about being black. The study is limited because of the lack of Black researchers, Black sociologists, Black psychiatrists, and Black lawyers working together in an effort to address the etiology of Blacks and violent crimes. It's limited because of the one sided information a.vailable to the public. Books that have been written and studies that have been conducted have either been done by white people or they were active participants. Hence, availa.ble data is that of a white prespective. People have been taken in by misconceived facts.

The prima,ry source of information were books, magazines and information obtained from Atlanta's Crime Analysis Team monthly and yearly reports.

Atlanta has some Black communities that possess all of the components of a time bomb. If its Black on Black crime problems are not dealt with realistically, then, certain areas are doomed to destruction. The irony is that this destruction would not have caused by the "white man" but by the "Black man."

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