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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Mary A. Twining, Ph.D.


The primary focus of this study was to combine traditional research along with new media technology to create an interactive tutorial on the Gullah culture. The study involved conventional historical and anthropological research on the inhabitants of St. Helena Island, South Carolina. Documentation of the culture followed, with the use of black-and-white and color photography, audio recording and digital video taping of interviews and events. Mixed-media was used to capture behavioral patterns and cultural ideologies within the culture's environment. The outcome was written text on the historical and anthropological significance of the Sea Island culture. A multimedia tutorial complemented the text as pedagogical units incorporating preexisting materials and data gathered during field research for this study.

The conclusions to this study confirmed that familiarity with language and behavior of the Gullah people gave access to portions of the culture not documented previously. The result shows that more people can gain an understanding ofa marginalized cuhure with the use of specifically designed interactive tutorials incorporating a range of research and new media technology materials.

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