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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)

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Educational Leadership

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Dr. Sidney Rabsatt


The purpose of this study was to examine information that accentuates the effect of desegregation on public schools of Georgia, especially as it relates to the number of black principals, job opportunities for them, and the extent to which school desegregation contributed to a role change in the manner in which desegregated schools were administered.

Data for the study were secured through questionnaires/opinionnaires, interviews and related studies. The study's population included one hundred ninety-one persons who presently serve as school principals or who have served as school principals of segregated and desegregated schools. One hundred fifty persons returned questionnaires/opinionnaires and provided other pertinent data through interview sessions.

Data collected and analyzed lead to conclusions that black principals of segregated schools performed a unique and special role, were exceptionally qualified to perform administrative roles during each stage of their professional life, were unusually powerful as a segregated school principal, provided special assistance to pupils who needed inspiration, motivation, counseling on career choices and college selectivity, and should have greater opportunities to continue their role as principals in Georgia public schools.

Data also provide beliefs that additional investigations are warranted in order to fully perceive the impact of school desegregation geographically, age wise and on other none black racial groups.

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