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Atlanta University (AU)

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Social Work

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Millicent Ann Dandridge, Ph.D


Persons with AIDS have joined the ranks of the homeless as a result of housing evictions and loss of employment. For many of them, shelters are their only viable option. However, persons with AIDS have received negative treatment in shelters from shelter workers who are fearful of catching the disease. The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of AIDS education and training on three dimensions: knowledge, fear and moral judgement. This study examined the responses of 40 shelter directors and service providers to the Shelter Director.s and Service Providers Survey immediately before and after a 60 minute educational program on AIDS. Survey respondents, representing 55 shelters in Atlanta, GA, were primarily black females ranging in ages 20 to 65. Ttests and frequency analysis were computed for each of the dimensions. Results showed no significant differences between pre and posttest scores on all dimensions. Implications for shelter directors and social workers are also included.

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