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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Educational Leadership

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Dr. Edward L. Bouie


In this study, the views of teachers were sought regarding elementary principals' leadership style and teachers' implementation of technology, related to the state required Intech program. Sixty participants responded to a Level of Technology survey (LoTi). Teachers' views of their level of technology implementation in the classroom were described, with statistically significant differences present between those teachers trained in Intech and those teachers who have not been trained in Intech. A multiple regression procedure revealed that consideration and grade level were significant predictors of current instructional practices. The model indicated that the lower the consideration score and the lower the grade level reported, the higher the score obtained on the current instructional practices variable. No statistically significant relationship was yielded between the state-required Intech program and teachers' reported use of technology, as measured by the Loti framework. The findings from this study add to the current body of knowledge in several ways. Elementary principals' leadership style was found to be related to implementation of technology in the classroom setting. In addition, teachers trained in the Intech model differed in their technology practices within the classroom setting. Practitioners and researchers alike may find the results of this study useful.

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