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Atlanta University (AU)

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Public Administration

First Advisor

Professor George O. Kugblenu


The primary intent of this study is to examine the effects of an outdated job description plan in the Division of Youth Services within the Department of Human Resources. Specifically, this study focuses on the Court Service Workers1 position. An attempt has been made to analyze the impact of an outdated job description plan on the validity of job information, career advancement and compensation of the Court Service Workers.

Job descriptions are primary sources of information for all aspects of Human Resource Planning - creating job description is the first important step in translating the goals of the organization into employee work activities. Reliable manpower planning cannot occur without the information that the job descriptions provide - the who, what, when and how of manpower planning cannot be resolved without this information base, hence job description information has to be regularly updated and valididated.

The major findings of this study are that the job description utilized for the position of Court Service Workers is outdated because it has not been revised since 1981. This situation has therefore resulted in inadequate compensation for the incumbents of the position. In addition, the position offers only limited career advancement to these workers. The sum total of these problems has resulted in low morale and dissatisfaction among the workers.

The main sources of information for this study were obtained from interviews conducted with the Court Service Workers and the Director of Field Services as well as questionnaires sent to the Court Service Workers. Secondary data were obtained from books, documents, pamphlets, reports and journals.