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Atlanta University (AU)

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Dr. Edward Sweat


The purpose of this thesis is to show the political, educational, social and economic life of the black people In the city of Montgomery, Alabama as seen through a white Democratic Conservative newspaper, the Montgomery Daily Advertiser, during the period of Reconstruction. Another intent of this paper is to prove that blacks In Montgomery made some contributions during this period. The author chose this topic because little has been written concerning the blacks In Montgomery and that most of the material written by white Southern historians has tended to be prejudiced toward the blacks or omitted their contributions completely. The bulk of the information used was taken from the Montgomery Dally Advertiser and the Alabama State Journal, a Republican paper. Other sources used Included the American Missionary Association Manuscripts and the personal papers of General Wager Swayne. Swayne served under Major-General Pope, commander of the Third Military District as the officer In charge of the district of Alabama. Reports of the Alabama General Assembly were also found to be very helpful along with many secondary sources such as books and articles.

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