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This study was designed to discern factors which influence life satisfaction among the black elderly at a multi-purpose self-help program for senior citizens.

A questionnaire was designed to collect data on perceptions measuring psychological well-being among a group of black elderly persons. The sample consisted of fifty black elderly persons, aged 61 to 86, attending a senior citizens facility in the Southeastern United States.

The chi-square test of independence was used to test the hypotheses. The results of this test indicated that there was no statistically significant relationship between life satisfaction and the variables being researched (family interaction, friendship bond, church attendance, and marital status). Although significance was not found, the data indicate that the independent variables are important in the lives of this group.

An important implication of the study is the need for more research that explores specific aspects of what constitutes satisfaction. The existing body of literature on the black elderly and life satisfaction could well be challenged through increased studies of extraneous variables that impact black elderly persons' life satisfaction.

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