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Atlanta University (AU)

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Professor Benjamin F. Hudson


The principal aim of the paper is to analyze one novel by Francois Mauriac, and one by Georges Bernanos. After analyzing the novels, the writer desires to compare the character development, the plot, the style and the themes of each novel. The results should reveal certain similarities and differences in each of the novels studied.

The study consists of four chapters. Chapter one, the introduction, is devoted to a presentation of the social, cultural and political milieu in which Mauriac and Bernanos lived. It includes a brief biographical sketch of each author. An analysis of Le Noeud de Viperes is given in Chapter two, and in Chapter three, an analysis of Le Journal D'un cure de Campagne is presented.

The fourth chapter is the major pare of the study. In this chapter, the writer seeks to compare the similarities and differences of the novels under consideration. It is observed that Mauriac and Bernanos used religious hypocricy, marital or family discord, pride and avarice as a basis to discuss sin and evil in the society of their times. While the major themes in these novels are similar, the main characters are different. Further comparisons disclose differences in the portrayal of minor characters in the development of the plots and in style. Selected passages are quoted where feasible to verify the similarities or dissimilarities stated. The conclusion is that Le Noeud De Viperes and Le Journal D'un Cure De Campagne represent personal manifestations of disquietude or apprehensiveness about the social, economic, and religious climate surrounding the lives of the authors.