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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)

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Political Science

First Advisor

Guy Martin

Second Advisor

William H. Boone

Third Advisor

Harry Vanden


This study analyzed the social predicament of Ecuador’s black population. The main

objectives of the dissertation were to explain the low social status of Afro-Ecuadorians

from a political economy perspective; to analyze the concept of race and Minority Rights

as an aspect of human rights; and to focus the debate on the Republic of Ecuador’s human

rights policy regarding its black population.

In this methodology, political economy, race analysis and minority rights theory

were developed. It was argued that in black Ecuador slavery, “concertaje,” “mestizaje,”

racial democracy, dependency underdevelopment and white supremacy, as developed in

the Ecuadorian context, have severely limited the social mobility of Afro-Ecuadorians.

The researcher concluded that developments in the political economy of Ecuador

since the abolition of slavery have brought little change for the Afro-Ecuadorian

population. This process of socio-economic exclusion is based on a deliberate policy that

excludes Afro-Ecuadorians from civil society.

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