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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Counseling and Human development

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Dr. Gaylene Perrault


Mental health counselors face an explosion of innovative counseling models in response to the constantly changing nature of counseling problems. Unless counselors stay abreast of the theories, techniques, and attitudes that comprise these counseling models, they risk implementing inappropriate or ineffective therapy to their clients. Information on current trends of counseling theories, techniques, and attitudes, should help provide better direction for counseling provided to clients. This content analysis determined the current trends of counseling theories, techniques, and attitudes addressed by study authors of the American Counseling Association (ACA) journals for three years (1990-1992) of publication. The findings revealed multicultural and eclectic theories were the most prevalently addressed theories; cognitive restructuring and teaching coping skills were the techniques most frequently discussed; and support was the most widely addressed counseling attitude, of the journals reviewed. This study also determined that ACA journals are of high quality and serve to provide current information on the latest counseling implications for counselors to stay abreast of current trends.

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