Date of Award


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University or Center

Atlanta University (AU)

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Public Administration

First Advisor

Dr. Keith C. Simmonds


The objective of this study is to examine the need for commercial development in Ward Eight of Washington, D. C. To determine the need for development the writer identified and described the existing businesses in the ward, as well as discussed the prevailing economic conditions in the area.

The study demonstrates that the need for commercial development is due primarily to the need for a more diverse and competitive commercial district in the ward. The need for development is also due to the loss of business in consumers' dollars by Ward Eight entrepreneurs to other commercial areas outside of the ward. The analysis demonstrates further that the businesses located in Ward Eight do not nor cannot offer employment to a large number of Ward Eight residents; therefore, a need exists for the kind of businesses that can offer increased employment opportunities for the residents of the area.

The writer finds that the three explanations mentioned above are conditions that help create the need for commercial development in Ward Eight of Washington, D. C.

The information in this study was obtained from primary and secondary sources. Primary data were gathered from interviews and a survey using a structured questionnaire. Secondary sources .of information for the study were obtained from books, government publications, magazines, newspapers, and scholarly journals.

A descriptive analysis was used as a methodological approach in this study.