Date of Award


Degree Type


University or Center

Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


School of Education

Degree Name


Counseling and Human development

First Advisor

Rudolph V. Green, Ed. D., N.C.C., L.P.C.


In order to break the cycle of poverty for disadvantaged children through early intervention, a counseling component is needed. As perceived by parents and teachers, counseling services would reduce the long-range damaging effects caused by social problems such as crime, violence, and drugs. This study attempted to determine the counseling needs of three- to five-year-old educationally disadvantaged children. The research method was descriptive and used a questionnaire. The survey questionnaire was administered to a sample of 22 parents and 22 teachers at a Head Start facility. Survey respondents were 44 African-American subjects: 1 male and 43 female teachers in Atlanta, Georgia. In conclusion, a counseling model was proposed to implement subsequent results of this study.

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