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Atlanta University (AU)


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Dr. T. Turner

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Dr. Phillip Bradley

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Dr. Sidney Rabsatt


The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship of parental involvement, parents income, and parents level of education in students achievement in academic work. The basic thesis was to what degree parent a 1 involvement affect students academic achievement in reading, mathematics achievement concept scores, mathematics problem scores, and mathematics computation scores.

The sample consisted of 73 elementary and 104 middle school students who were randomly selected from three elementary and three low middle to high predominantly white suburban public schools in Douglas and Henry County, 174 of their parents 7 of their homeroom teachers and their 4 principals. Data were collected with questionnaires. Parents' questionnaires measured parent involvement variables. Parental involvement measured the number of times parents helped with homework, the number of minutes spent each time the student was helped, the number of times parents attended PTSA, conferences, and parental involvement in school development. The parental involvement questionnaire a 1 so investigated other home variables such as level of income, martial status, sex of parent and the level of income of the family. Data was statistically analyzed using Pearson correlation coefficient.


1. Academic achievement of second grade students showed the most significant academic gains as a result of parental involvement in reading, mathematics concepts, and mathematics problems.

2. Academic achievement of students is enhanced by the level of education of the parents.

3. Academic achievement of students is enhanced by the level of parents income.

4. Higher academic achievement of second, fourth, and seventh grade students is often observed with parental involvement in school development.

5. The level of parents' education and parents' income is a positive factor in students academic achievement.

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