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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)

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Educational Leadership

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Dr. Ganga Persaud


The purpose of this study was to investigate the perceptions of administrators and teachers of the level of importance of the five key components of the middle school concept. More specifically, the study sought to determine if there was significant differences and significant relationships between the perceptions held by teachers and administrators regarding the level of importance of: (1) interdisciplinary teaming; (2) advisory programs; (3) varied instruction; (4) exploratory or connection programs; and (5) transition programs relative to the success of their middle school program. The research population consisted of 48 administrators and 120 teachers from a large metro Atlanta school system in Georgia. The respondents from the population of 48 administrators consisted of 34 subjects. The respondents from the population of 120 teaches consisted of 92 subjects. The independent and dependent variables were subjected to Pearson r correlation and t-tests for Equality of Means analyses. Data were gathered by a questionnaire. The findings from the data analysis suggested that were no significant differences and no significant relationships in administrators' and teachers' perceptions of the level of importance of the five key components of the middle school concept. The main recommendations from the findings were: (1) make sure administrators and teachers at the local middle school level continue to focus on the collegiality and continuation of staff development to strengthen what appears to be an existing level of professional agreement, and (2) central or district level administrators who are in charge of expanding the middle school program should they make sure as they select, prepare, and assign staff, that they take advantage of some of the persons who are currently working in existing middle schools by allowing these people to develop orientation programs and become mentors.

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