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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Dr. Gale Horton


The purpose of this study was to examine the impact of religiosity on marital satisfaction. It was hypothesized that the level of religiosity had a statistically significant impact on marital satisfaction. The sample for this study consisted of forty married individuals, from four churches in Atlanta, Georgia, and sixteen married individuals from a church in Fort Worth, Texas. One questionnaire consisting of eighteen items was administered to the respondents. The results were analyzed by using frequency distribution, chi-square, and gamma. The study findings revealed that as the level of religiosity increased, the level of marital satisfaction increased, showing a meaningful relationship between the two variables. However, the relationship between the variables was not shown to be statistically significant and, therefore, the null hypothesis was accepted. Also of interest to the researcher was that 47.5 percent of participants felt religion influenced their daily lives and 70 percent of participants were very happy in their marriages.

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