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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Professor Jerome Schiele, D.S.W.


This study analyzed the effects of participation in low-impact aerobics in conjunction with individual counseling on the self-esteem of a single subject, a woman over the age of eighteen. Previously research has concluded that physical exercise has had positive effects on self-esteem. There has also been research which assessed the effects of physical exercise in combination with counseling; however there is limitations to this research in that there is a lack of these studies which are relative to women.

Over a ten week period, with the baseline and intervention phases each consisting of five weeks, a woman's self-esteem was determined via the Index of Self-esteem. During the five week intervention, the woman participated in low-impact aerobics three times a week and received individual counseling sessions with the researcher for one hour each week. As hypothesized, the woman's self-esteem scores decreased (meaning her self-esteem improved) in the intervention phase. With each week of the intervention, her self-esteem improved. Implications for these findings for practice and future research are discussed.

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