Date of Award


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University or Center

Atlanta University (AU)

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Mathematical Sciences

First Advisor

Dr. Benjamin Martin


This paper describes the operator's functions for the VAX/VMS operating system and users' environment. This system is of primary interest due to its adaptability and capability in management of system resources with respect to users and their needs.

Within is described and expounded not only the how and when as usually printed in the pages of most system documentation but also the why, or the reasoning behind the usage, and the what, or the cause and effect within the system interaction when performing the command.

The material is presented in a manner to allow a casual user of the system, the functions and procedures, to expand his awareness of system utilities. It first explains and allows a user to create a desire of personal extensibility and design of system commands and utilities. The paper then discusses the various useful utilities with which a system can be better managed and operated.

Lastly is presented the commands that allow an operator the ability to tailor the system resources, such as the batch and print queues, for the different devices that are found in academic environments. This is also presented with the procedures that are needed for the management of users' accounts and disk storage as well as the diagnostic procedures and tools for error correction and preventive maintenance.