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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Educational Leadership

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Dr. Barbara Hill

Second Advisor

Dr. Trevor Turner

Third Advisor

Dr. Darrell Groves


This study examines factors that influence teachers’ perception of school climate such as learning community, leadership style, student discipline, administrative support, teacher workload, parental involvement, professional development, teacher collaboration, perception ofjob security, and perception of teacher value and its subsequence effect on the learning environment of a newly opened high school in a metropolitan Atlanta school district. The high school in this study has just completed its first year in operation and must make organizational structural changes to better serve the needs of the attending student population and meet the federal mandate previsions of the NCLB Act of 2001.

The conclusions drawn from the findings suggest that the following interdependent variables of school learning community, leadership style, student discipline, administrative support, and parental involvement were significantly related to high school teachers’ perception on school climate among the surveyed population at the institution being examined.

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