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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Dr. Richard Lyle


This study compares illicit drug use, family relationships, and employment among substance abusers participating in treatment at The Atlanta Union Mission, a faith-based treatment program and Alliance Recovery Center, a contingency management treatment program. One hundred forty-nine (149) survey participants were selected for the study, utilizing non-probability convenience sampling. The survey participants were composed of both men and women in treatment for at least three months. The survey questionnaire was comprised of seventeen questions and a four point Likert scale. The findings of the study indicated a significant difference in the continuous use of illicit drug use for contingency management treatment and faith-based treatment programs. The process of most contingency management programs is to support participants in sustaining from one illicit drug at a time and 38% of the respondents indicated that they used multiple substances. This could account for the 15.6% responses at the contingency management treatment program who indicated an occasional use of illicit drugs. In the areas of family relationships and employments, both programs outcomes indicated a positive effect on program participants.

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