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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)

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Educational Leadership

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Dr. Olivia Boggs


The purpose of this study was to assess teacher attitude toward the implementation and use of integrated learning system technology in rural and urban schools and to compare the perceptions which the two groups held with regard to its effective use in delivering daily instruction.

A review of selected literature was made to determine the appropriate tasks and responsibilities of teachers as viewed by authorities in the field of educational technology. In the review of selected literature, an effort was made to examine certain policies and procedures required as minimum expectations by the developers of the integrated learning system.

One hundred fifty teachers were selected from ten rural schools and ten urban schools in North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and New York. One hundred percent of the teachers responded, but not to all items on the survey.

In presenting the findings of this study, the data received involved certified teachers at ten urban and ten rural elementary schools. Analysis of variance was used to test the hypotheses. The probability level of .05 was used to test each hypothesis for acceptance or rejection.

This study examined the effect of implementing an integrated learning system into the regular teaching curriculum on the basis of teacher experience, the model of delivery, teacher training, student grouping, and grade level in rural and urban schools. The survey produced quantitative data which support significant differences between urban and rural teacher attitudes about delivery model, student grouping, and grade level. Significant differences were also noticed in years of teaching experience between the two groups.

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