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Atlanta University (AU)

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Criminal Justice Administration

First Advisor

Dr. Julius Debro


For more than one hundred and fifty years, the primary societal response to criminal behavior has been incarceration. Now, there are those who believe that while institutionalization may be necessary for a certain percentage of the criminal population, there is indeed a substantial number of individuals who are being incarcerated unnecessarily. The most significant and major thrust of corrections today is its move toward community-based corrections. This move is a clear indicator that society will no longer continue to tolerate the ever-increasing costs of imprisonment to support a system that utilizes mass custody without effective treatment as its primary focus.

This descriptive and exploratory study is about Andromeda, community-based program that offers offenders the opportunity to re-evaluate themselves and their situation. It is hoped that by using such an approach the offender will leave the correctional system with a more positive feeling of self-esteem and worth than when he first entered.