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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)

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Educational Leadership

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Dr. Moses Norman


The differences in perceptions among African American male school leaders and the factors that led to their appointment were investigated. The differences were determined by the type of written responses given on surveys that were distributed and then collected by the researcher, which resulted in different correlations for each research question, along with oral responses that were given by subjects during interviews.

Results indicated that there was no perceived correlation between factors such as knowledge of curriculum, leadership experience, educational values and the appointment of African American males to their positions. However, there were perceived correlations between leadership skills and leadership style. Results also indicated that when individuals were interviewed, the two main commonalities that were shared were the unanimous agreement that appointment was based more on "who you know" than "what you know," and that in trying to yield honest and candid responses, individuals who were interviewed remained elusive with their answers. The findings are congruent with the rationale that principal and assistant principal appointments are based more on educational politics rather than by years of experience or leadership skills, and that when it came to fair hiring practices and policies within the educational arena, African- American males still have a long way to go regarding equal opportunity appointment.

Further research is warranted in order to determine significant differences in African American male principal and assistant principals' perceptions of how and why they are considered for appointment. All research in this matter focuses on certain factors that affect these perceptions, namely the independent variables considered in the first part of this study.

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