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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


School of Social Work

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Social Work Policy Planning and Administration

First Advisor

Dr. Robert W. Waymer

Second Advisor

Dr. Roslyn Harper-Arnold

Third Advisor

Dr. Richard Lyle


This study examines the social, economic, cultural, and self esteem challenges that influences how African-American youth, between ages 12 and 17 years old, learn and develop in Metropolitan Atlanta. These youth were from a southeastern, urban Atlanta area, and they originally came from middle to low income backgrounds. The research study participants were composed of a diverse population of youth. They were also between ages 12 and 17 years old. Survey questionnaires utilized a four point continuum Likert scale. It also included face to face interviews and observations by the researcher to insure appropriate instructions were understood. Additional research data, statistics, and media were used. The findings of the study indicated that this population, though resilient, would better cope, learn, and develop under alternative circumstances as suggested.

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