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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)

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Professor Kofi B. Bota

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Dr. Godfried M.K. Abotsi


The influence of the electrokinetic properties of coal on the adsorption and gasification activities of calcium acetate and potassium carbonate has been studied. It has been found from zeta potential measurements on lignite, subbituminous and bituminous coals that the coal particles are negatively charged in both acidic and basic solutions, although the negative charge density is more pronounced in strongly alkaline media. In general, the extent of calcium or potassium adsorption correlated with the negative zeta potentials. Calcium or potassium adsorption followed the order lignite > subbituminous > bituminous coal. Increased char reactivities were observed with catalysts loaded from basic or neutral solutions compared to catalysts impregnated from acidic solutions. The enhanced activities are attributed to increased contact between the anionic coal surface and the metal ions during catalyst loading. It is suggested that the extent of coal-catalyst interaction during catalyst loading from solution plays an important role in coal char reactivity.

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Chemistry Commons