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Atlanta University (AU)

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Dr. C. A. Bacote


In his experience at Atlanta University, George Alexander Towns was present for much of the earlier history of the institution and continued as an active participant into the later period. This thesis will explore his part in this history and indicate the manner in which he assisted in the development of the University.

His experience will be explored from its start when he became a student at Atlanta University and its continuation after he had become a teacher at the institution. His extracurricular activities in athletics, student affairs, school publications, and fund raising will be discussed as a part of this experience, as well as his private life. An assessment of Towns' contributions to the University will conclude this thesis.

The primary sources for this profile were the collection of Towns' personal papers available at the Trevor Arnett Library of Atlanta University and the University publications made during his time there: The Bulletin of Atlanta University, the student newspaper, The Scroll, and the alumni newsletter, the Crimson and Gray. Many secondary works dealing with the University and with areas in which Towns was interested were also consulted.

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