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Atlanta University (AU)

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Public Administration

First Advisor

Dr. Kempe Ronald Hope


The primary intent of this study is to examine the impact of governmental regulations on Small Business Enterprises located at the Campbellton Plaza.

Campbellton Plaza is one of the fourteen commercial districts in Atlanta which has been targeted for revitalization by the City of Atlanta. The project is a joint venture operated by Southwest Economic Development Corporation, the Citizens and Southern National Bank, the Atlanta Economic Development Corporation, Georgia State University Small Business Program and the Bureau of Planning.

The writer, through working with the small businesses and the city government at the Campbellton Plaza observed that the federal government as well as state and local municipalities played important roles by giving assistance to small business in several ways. For the merchants to be eligible for the needed assistance, they have to comply with several criteria, regulatory guidelines and deadline.

Although this study is confined to the Campbellton Plaza, it is hoped that the study will contribute to a better understanding of the impacts of the governmental regulations on small business in general by the readers of this paper. This study was chosen because of constant complaints by the merchants about the criteria in getting the Business Improvement Loan Fund designated to the Campbellton Plaza.

The data for this study were obtained from both primary and secondary sources, and the methodology employed is descriptive analysis.