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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)

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International Affairs and Development

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Dr. Hashim Gibrill


This thesis addresses the issue of the relevance of the North Atlantic Treaty organization (NATO) in the Post Cold War era. It has been argued that due to the end of the Cold War, the diminished threat of a nuclear war, and the fall of communism, NATO may no longer be a relevant institution. A content analysis of information in the "Facts on File Yearbook" was done to examine the variables associated with NATO's involvement in 4335 critical international incidents from 1949 to 1993.

The research measures NATO's involvement in international events during and after the Cold War. As a content analysis, this study provides an overview of NATO's involvement in aggressive confrontations from 1950 to 1993. The research found that NATO was involved in a substantial amount of non- Cold War, non-nuclear threat and non-Communist threat conflicts, thus leading us to conclude that NATO will be a relevant institution in the Post Cold War era.

The examination of the factors associated with NATO's participation in world events, gives useful feedback on its impact, provides a basis for measuring NATO's relevance in the Post Cold War era and is a general contribution to the study of international conflict management and the field of International Affairs.

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