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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)

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Foreign Languages

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Dr. Earle D. Clowney


This study compared and analyzed the premises of the three authors and their versions of the life of Joan of Arc. Their presentations enabled us to see the reasons of disparities among the authors' views.

This study has shown that the philosophies of the three authors have different origins, differences which gave a unique slant to their individual interpretations. Their philosophical backgrounds were mainly obtained from diverse sources: published works, unpublished works, and personal interviews of my advisor with Andre Obey, one of the dramatists.

We found in our research that the dramatists' theatrical works represented their own historical understanding of France's medieval heroine. They understood Joan of Arc's story in terms of their own existence and their own interpretations, which were different. The goal of this comparative study was reached through the juxtaposition of these differences.

We concluded that each of the three authors had a unique experience. That uniqueness was articulated to rekindle the remarkable history of Joan of Arc.

In 1750 J.-J. Rousseau advised that we should put a limit on theatrical art, because he said the theater perverts illusion. We used that advice as a yardstick to judge the three plays of the authors. That statement helped us to look at the work of these three playwrights as different chapters in the history of the life of Joan of Arc.

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