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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)

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Administration and Policy Studies

First Advisor

Dr. Phil Bradley


The purpose of this study was to examine the role of the instructional assistant principal in a large metropolitan Atlanta school system, with an ultimate purpose of devising a uniform job description for the system. The sample consisted of twenty-three principals, twenty-two instructional assistant principals, and fifty-eight teachers. They were given a questionnaire consisting of twenty-six job tasks and asked to specify the degree of responsibility which the instructional assistant principal in their school exercised and the degree of responsibility he should exercise in the performance of the task.

The findings indicated that principals, teachers, and instructional assistant principals have similar perceptions of what the instructional assistant principal does and should do. Of the twenty-six items on the questionnaire, twenty-five were included in the resultant job description, and these included tasks in budgeting, evaluation, supervision of students, orienting faculty and staff to the school, working with the master schedule, producing the school handbook, coordinating testing, disseminating information about test results, disseminating information about current trends in education, preparing documentations for inspections and reviews, and planning for parent meetings.

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