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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)

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Counseling and Human Development

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Dr. Eugene Herrington


Chemical substance misusage among professional athletes resulting in critical incidents in the National Basketball Association continues to gain an increased interest for the counseling profession. Special emphasis is placed on the utilization of effective treatment and after-care programs that are accessible to the professional athlete in crises due to critical incidents of chemical substance misusage by the athlete. A select group of professional athletes were administered the Survey of Chemical Usage for Professional Athletes. The instrument was designed to assess the history of critical incidents of substance usage by professional athletes in the National Basketball Association by charting specific data related to the behaviors and usage of chemical substances by the athletes.

Twenty-six professional basketball players responded to the Survey of Chemical Usage for Professional Athletes. Although there is documented evidence of polydrug misusage in the National Basketball Association, only one professional athlete admitted to ingesting a substance other than alcohol.

The survey results provided evidence of five cases of critical incidents among the twenty-six survey respondents. The five cases of critical incidents were in the form of warnings by league officials for alcohol and drug use by the professional athletes. From data obtained from the surveys, a decrease or cessation of drug and alcohol use was evidenced as a result of these warnings.

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