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This project was to done to begin the implementation of contextual theological education to pastors, ministers, and Christian workers in their geographical locales, and to fulfill the mandate for theological education within the Progressive Primitive Baptist Church. Its initial focus is Progressive Primitive Baptists residing in the jurisdiction of the Primitive Baptist State Convention of Florida. The project consisted of three years of preparatory work which led to the establishment of an extension unit in Tallahassee, Florida (August 2012).

Preparatory work began through the Florida State Primitive Baptist Church School Congress in April 2005. Members of the Church School Congress provided the dialog to ascertain the needs of the Convention. Those needs were examined in light of the historical origin of the Progressive Primitive Baptist movement before and immediately following the institution of slavery in North America. Surveys and lectures that dealt with both secular and theological education were used to measure the desires of the initial focus group whose number was one hundred and fifty plus persons.

Near the end of the project a lecture series was held in Tallahassee, Florida at the site of the proposed extension in order to share the mandates for accredited contextual theological education. The lectures were done with participation from the educational leaders from the two associations that govern the Tallahassee, Florida region churches. Their focus was theories of education, the mandate for theological education, and contextual theological education. The number who participated in the lectures totaled about thirty persons per night. The three nights totaled ninety persons.

Following the lecture series twenty persons signed up for classes. The initial class enrolled six students with the expectations of a large increase for the second semester. Documentation is in place to record the progress of the unit as well as the project.

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