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This project was designed to address the reduction and prevention of violence of African- American youth ages (12-16) within the Gresham Park Community of Decatur, Georgia. Moral development and character development are used interchangeably.

A curriculum was developed for youth and parents to assist them to help young people in reaching their potential regarding moral character to avoid the pitfalls of violence. The underlying principles of the study were moral character, spiritual formation, and personal responsibility. The major premise of the project was that if youth feel good about themselves and feel a connection to God, parents, school, and community, then youth will behave better, love themselves and God, and they will make better decisions to negotiate life in regards to nonviolence as opposed to violence.

The study was conducted at Flat Shoals United Methodist Church, and Cedar Grove High School. The total number of youth participating in this study is twenty two. Eight adults observed, supported, and occasionally gave verbal input. The training took place over a sixteen week period. This study indicates that there was a significant increase in the moral and character development among the youth.

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