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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Dr. Robert Smothers


This document makes a strong case for choosing African-American independent neighborhood schools over the public schools. African-American children, particularly males are performing poorly in the public education system. There is evidence of high dropout rates, minimal academic achievement, and decreasing rates of college enrollment for black children. Poor educational experiences may lead to poor skills, low paying jobs, unemployment, criminal activity, and poverty. Educators have been attempting to repair the current educational system without significant results. African-American independent neighborhood schools are institutions that have been making a difference, With low per student costs, these islands of hope have motivated students to learn, helped students achieve above average scores on standardized tests, an sent many of their alumni on to educational and professional success. They work because of the commitment of teachers, parents, administrators, and students. Despite the evidence of achievement, these institutions face many obstacles such as public animosity and hopelessness, insularity, and financial strife.

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