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This Doctor of Ministry project is a Case- guided study of a mega- African American church that developed a Bible study used for church wide identity formation. The study was conducted during completion of a Doctor of Ministry degree. It is a study of a church facing the formidable challenges that they must face as a church serving a community with complex and varied needs.

A case -guided research was chosen for this Doctor of Ministry project because it encompassed the process that was essential to investigation of a church searching for its mission identity.

This was a study of a church that was intentional about their methodologies, scripturally commanded requirements about church, preaching, discipline, baptism and many other biblical practices. Church and worship can't take just any form. In missional churches, those biblical forms are central, but things like worship style, evangelism methods, attire, service times, locations, and many other man-made customs are not chosen simply based on the preference of the members. Instead, the forms are best determined by their effectiveness in a specific cultural context.

This project presents an organized and systematic form for understanding the process of discovery the researcher experienced during the development and execution of a church wide identity examination. Case study research guided the basic research design.

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