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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


School of Social Work

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Social Work and Public Health

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Dr. Sandra J. Foster

Second Advisor

Dr. Joyce G. Dickerson

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Dr. Vimala Pillari


This current study examines a comparison between African-American men (N 25) and women (N=25) who were diagnosed with a mental disorder and assessed their level of dependency on others. This study suggests that some people with specific mental health disorders have strong emotional and psychosocial attachment to dependency which limits their ability to think and do for themselves. Level of dependency includes emotional reliance on others, low self-confidence, and lack of autonomy.

Findings revealed that men were more dependent on others than women. Also, those diagnosed with Schizophrenia were more dependent on others than those diagnosed with Anxiety, Bipolar or Depression.

As the findings of this study revealed that men with mental disorders were more dependent on others than women, as practitioners it might be beneficial to find gender specific activities, resources and services tailored to men that will help enhance them to become more independent. For the findings by mental disorder, practitioners should create and implement disorder specific interventions that include activities, resources, and services that will improve the day to day social functioning and activeness of clients.

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