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Atlanta University (AU)

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Dr. Norman Kowal


A study was made of the influence of 3 pesticides and an herbicide on the O2 uptake of soil microbes. The chemicals included DDT, Dieldin, Malathion, and 2, 4-D/2, 4, 5-T. Dosage rates were chosen to approximate the maximum amount used in field practice. The rate of oxygen uptake by the soil, using conventional manometric procedures, was taken as a criterion of the biological activity of the soil.

At the recommended concentration the pesticides and herbicide exerted no measurable effect on the O2 uptake of the soil microbes. In order to test if higher concentrations have an effect, the concentrations were increased to 10 and 100 times the recommended field concentrations. A significant decrease in oxygen uptake was observed only at 100 times the recommended field concentration.

It was concluded in light of these observations that high dosages exceeding the recommended concentrations are necessary to evoke a significant effect on the O2 uptake of soil microbes.

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