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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)

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Dr. Sawaraj Tayal


We considered the lowest twenty-eight LS states of singly ionized oxygen in our calculations of excitation energies, oscillator strengths, transition probabilities, radiative life-times, and electron collisional excitation cross sections. Transition probabilities and oscillator strengths were calculated by the use of a configuration-interaction method and the electron impact excitation collision strengths were calculated in the close-coupling approximation using the R-matrix method. The LS states of singly ionized oxygen are represented by extensive configuration-interaction wave functions that give excitation energies in close agreement with the experimental values. Rydberg series of resonances converging to the excited state thresholds are explicitly included and are found to make substantial enhancements in the cross sections for many transitions. The electron impact excitation of oxygen ions is a dominant excitation atomic process in the Jupiter's satellite Io plasma torus and several other astrophysical plasmas. Our research has helped us to understand further the basic aspects of atomic structure and atomic collisional processes.

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