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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


School of Social Work

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Dr. Sarita Davis


This proposal examined the relationship between the knowledge of permanency planning among African American HIV/AIDS status parents, and parents' planning for their children's future in the case that they become terminally ill or die. Knowledge is defined as receiving some type of supportive service, where information was provided to the parent as well as assistance in beginning the process of permanency planning. The setting for this study was Jerusalem House and Sister Love, both agencies that work with The Aniz Program. The sample population consisted of 25 African American HIV/AIDS status women with children who reside at one of the facilities. The participants were required to complete a one shot post-test questionnaire that measured their knowledge and attitude about permanency planning for their children. The hypothesis is that providing HIV/AIDS status women with information about permanency planning will cause them to plan for their children early in their illness.

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