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Atlanta University (AU)

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Public Administration

First Advisor

Dr. Irvin Brown


The primary purpose of this study is to examine the Managing Criminal Investigations Incentive Program (MCI) by analyzing its components and assessing to what extent these components were successfully implemented, The MCI concept was to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the management of criminal investigations. MCI was developed and implemented by the Atlanta Bureau of Police Services (ABPS) and initiated in Zone One of the Bureau.

The stated objectives of the MCI Program were: (1) to train and motivate patrol officers to conduct and document thorough preliminary investigations, thus improving the preliminary reports for the continuing investigations; (2) to develop a case screening method which would identify cases which are most susceptible to solution, thereby allowing efforts to be directed towards cases most likely to be solved; (3) to improve the efficiency of investigations through improved case management; (4) to increase the rate of case acceptance by the prosecutor and the rate of conviction of prosecuted cases; through more thorough preparation (of cases); and (5) to develop a monitoring system which would allow for evaluation of the criminal investigation process.

The conclusions of this paper have been reached based upon the results of an exploratory inquiry of policies, procedures, reports and performance data relative to the implementation of the MCI program in Zone One of the ABPS. In addition, conclusions were drawn based on the results of attitudinal surveys distributed among MCI participants.